Tea with cream, hold the sugar please.

Tea with cream, hold the sugar please.

Most people love coffee, not me! Both the smell and the taste leave something to be desired. As an avid tea drinker, a few questions cross my mind about coffee drinkers. Besides the caffeine, why do people drink coffee? It seems to me, most coffee is loaded with cream, sugar, and flavors like vanilla or mocha. So, do people really like the coffee itself, or is it all the stuff that dresses it up that they like?

Growing up, my grandmother introduced me to tea. She would buy a powdered tea mix, chocked full of sugar, of course, and prepare it for us. Although I thought it was tasty back then, this isn’t what made tea a permanent part of my life.

My grandmother would also brew hot tea, and dress it with milk and sugar. The first time I had it, I thought to myself, how amazing is this? We had a daily ritual. Once the tea was brewed, she would pour it into her china tea pot. It was white with pale blue flowers. It also had matching cups and saucers. She would fill both of our cups, leaving room at the top. Then, she would add milk. After that, she would allow me to add my own sugar cubes. We would then stir our tea and sip it until it was gone. All while I practiced my reading, reading her the Reader’s Digest.

Sitting with my grandmother, sharing a cup of tea, became my favorite part of the day. Today, drinking my morning cup of tea is still my favorite part of the day. Although I no longer get to share this experience with her, I often reminisce on the days we did.

I now drink my tea a little different, my hot tea is made with cream only, and no sugar. I also like cool brewed tea. I take that with no sugar as well. One of my good friends, claims that’s strange. However, I wouldn’t enjoy it any other way, unsweetened tea for me, please!

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