Savannah’s Father

Savannah’s Father

As a child, Savannah was a daddy’s girl. She followed him everywhere he went. She wanted to do everything he did.

She would watch her father shave his face. When he was done, he would splash a liquid from a green bottle into his hands. Then he would rub his hands together and place them on his face where he had shaved. Savannah was caught on more than one occasion, imitating what she had seen. She recalls, the distinct fragrance that her father wore, the one that came from the little green bottle.

Savannah’s father would read to her each night. They would sit together, after the day’s adventures, and read until one of them fell asleep. Lying next to him, again she would catch a whiff of her dad’s smell, the fragrance from the little green bottle.

After her father passed away, every time she smelt that fragrance, she would think of him. Whether it be in a store or from a passerby, she would think of him.

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