Quick and Easy Banana Bread

Quick and Easy Banana Bread

Hey there! We happened to have some very ripe bananas, so Matt asked that I make some banana bread. In the past I have always used a box mix for bread, however, for the past 6 months or so, I have been making all of my own goodies from scratch. The banana bread was a first and it turned out great. Next time I may add some nuts for texture. The recipe is super easy to follow and only has 7 ingredients, most of which you probably have in your cabinets.

You will need:

3 ripe bananas, mashed

1 cup of white sugar

1 egg

1/4 of melted butter (half a stick) – I put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds.

1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon of baking soda

1 teaspoon of salt

You may find the directions here:


I hope you enjoy this recipe, we sure did! I know it’s not part of my weight loss journey, but no one starts a life change on a Sunday! Besides Matt has a terrible sweet tooth and most things are good in moderation. I even shared with my neighbor not to have too much temptation remaining.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I actually have a couple of ripe bananas and may try this out!

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