Lust for Life

Lust for Life

When Savannah awoke, the room was dark and quiet. She got out of bed, walked to the window, and pulled the curtains open, revealing the light peeking through the individual slats of blinds. She then opened the blinds giving an entrance to the daylight. She reveled in the glorious light and could not wait to begin her day.

Savannah was a morning person. As soon as the alarm sounded, she was on the go, never wasting a moment of daylight. People would always tell her that she needed to relax, she needed to take it easy. However, comments such as those went in one ear and out the other. Her idea of resting and relaxing included doing all the things she loved. She couldn’t accomplish anything sitting on the couch.

She had an undeniable lust for life. One that consumed her. A lust that ensured that she would always travel, explore, love, and achieve great things. A lust that always lingered, never letting her forget how lucky she was to be alive.

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