Daily Prompt: Pest – Arachnophobia

Daily Prompt: Pest – Arachnophobia

I see you sitting there

Your multiple eyes fixated on me

Your movements erratic

Your eight legs ready to pounce

Why do you hate me?

Why don’t you just go?

You are even in my dreams

How did you follow me there?

First, you multiplied and rushed out of the smoke detector

Covering the ceiling

The next time, you grew to the size of my hand

Slowly lowering yourself from the ceiling onto my face

Both times, I was awoken by your presence

Both times, I jumped from bed and ran out of the room

Both times, I was truly scared

Why do you have this menacing hold on me?

I must free myself from your grip

I must escape your treacherous web

I must convince myself

You are just a pest

Nothing more than a nuisance

A mere annoyance

You, spider, are no longer my enemy

I shall think of you as a friend

A friend I would prefer not to see again


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